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Tooth enamel demineralization is often related to poor oral hygiene habits which lead to a build-up of bacterial deposits in the mouth. As oral plaque acids persist your teeth can become increasingly vulnerable to tooth decay.

If your regularly scheduled dental checkup with our experienced team locate a cavity, we will likely recommend a follow-up appointment to treat it. In a case where tooth decay only affects a single surface of a tooth, we might recommend treating the area by applying a dental filling.

Our team will help you understand your numbing options. Once you are comfortable, we will carefully remove all the compromised tooth enamel before applying the dental filling.

If the treated surface will appear when you smile, we will likely use a composite dental filling. It is a special type of dental resin that can be shaded to look just like the surrounding tooth enamel. Once we harden it with a special ultraviolet light, the composite dental filling will seamlessly match the rest of the tooth.

We might also advise you to make some minor improvements in your daily oral hygiene routine. Something as simple as periodically replacing your toothbrush or finding the type of dental floss you like best might help prevent future cavities.

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