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Changes in the surface texture of a single tooth, sensitivity and persistent discomfort could herald a developing area of tooth decay. If you procrastinate having the affected tooth examined by my dental team, the cavity will gradually spread, which could cause significant complications.

If you have noticed a problem with one of your teeth, you should come in and have it examined by our team as soon as possible. After diagnosing the distressed tooth we will help you understand your treatment options.

To effectively treat a tooth that has lost a large amount of healthy tooth enamel we might advocate a dental crown restoration. This treatment strategy will eventually replace the entire tooth enamel layer with another material that rivals the inherent strength of natural tooth enamel.

The process typically requires two appointments. The first session involves carefully removing the remaining tooth enamel. The remaining abutment will eventually serve as an anchor post for the eventual dental crown.

When it is ready we will cement your dental crown in place to restore the tooth’s basic function for many years to come.  

By making some minor improvements in your daily routine, and making sure to attend your routine dental checkups, you can reduce your chances of suffering a large cavity on another tooth.

If you live in the Haymarket, Virginia, area and you have noticed a problem developing with one of your teeth, we invite you to call 571-261-2600 to set up an appointment at Awesome Smiles Dental Center.