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Dentures are just those clattery chompers things from TV, right? Actually, dentures are oral tools designed to take the place of pearly whites in those without pearly whites, and they do a lot more than clatter around comically. Read on to find out how false teeth support their wearers and how prevalent they really are.

Dentures are dental devices intended to replace a few or all of a wearer’s pearly whites. When pearly whites decay, patients find themselves having difficulty chomping and speaking, so dentures are formed to fix those problems. Unlike some previous forms of false teeth, today’s false teeth are developed from durable, tooth-like composite resins, meaning that they’ll retain you smiling bright and beautifully for a long time.

And believe it or not, dentures are more common than you may believe. In the US, approximately 40 million people use dentures, whether partial false teeth or complete false teeth. This means that approximately 10% of the population is using false teeth. While about 60% of people aged 65-74 wear a form of false teeth, less than 4% of people aged 18-34 wear dentures. The average age of false teeth in use in the present is 16 years.

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