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If you are suffering from unpleasant odors coming out of your mouth, you may have halitosis or bad breath. This oral health disorder from bacteria within your body can often cause damage to your inner gums and teeth. The good news is, there are things you can do to keep your smile safe from halitosis. 

Let’s look at some of the causes of halitosis:

– Gum disease, also acknowledged as periodontal disease, is often linked to cases of bad breath, as the odors can be produced out of gum tissue infections.

– The medications you may be taking can result in bad breath as a typical side effect.

– Ailments deep within the body can sporadically cause bad breath, including liver problems, kidney malfunctions, and respiratory tract infections.

– Disproportionate plaque buildup in your mouth can be the cause of bad breath.

– Bad breath can also be the result of not brushing or flossing your teeth on a daily basis.

– If you do suffer from bad breath, try implementing mouthwash as a potential treatment.

– Dentures are a frequent cause of bad breath, especially if they are not cared for and cleaned on a nightly basis.

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