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It is important to always exercise caution with any tooth hazards that may be present in your life. Every time you find yourself partaking in a habit, ask yourself if it’s potentially dangerous to your teeth and gums. After a while, you’ll start realizing that a lot of lifestyle choices you have are actually extremely unsafe for your smile.

If you want to keep your teeth safe, always exercise caution with unhealthy habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco. These habits will not only immediately stain your teeth and cause bad breath, but they can eventually lead to tooth loss and cancer.

Common products that can stain your teeth include wine and coffee. Although teeth stains and discolorations aren’t necessarily unhealthy, it can be a visual impairment that may not be good for your self-esteem. If you do have any stains or discolorations, visit your dentist for a professional in-office whitening system treatment.

One of the biggest tooth hazards that individuals come across is due to chewing on inedible products. This can be anything from pencils and pen caps to your own nails. Never chew on inedible products as it can concentrate the bite force directly onto specific areas of a tooth and cause chips and cracks to occur.

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