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At the center of your tooth lies the pulp. The pulp is important because it contains the nerves and blood vessels necessary for keeping your tooth health. But the pulp can become damaged or diseased if it is infected through a cavity or crack in your tooth. Before the invention of the root canal, a tooth with damaged pulp would have needed to be extracted.

With a root canal, my team and I can remove the damaged pulp and still save the structure of the tooth, which can then support a crown. That will leave you with a full and functional smile! We will access the pulp and remove it before thoroughly cleaning your tooth and enlarging the root chamber. After sealing the chamber I will insert a medicated substance to replace the pulp and then seal the tooth. You may need to come in for a follow-up visit check your progress and to discuss the possibility of a crown.

After your root canal, be sure to follow any instructions my team and I may give you for aftercare and pain management. If you are prescribed antibiotics to fight the infection you need to take them as directed and finish the entire prescription.

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