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Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological condition wherein a person experiences heightened stress and anxiety before and during dental procedures. My team and I have seen many patients over the years who have struggled with dental anxiety, and today we would like to share some simple tips to help you cope with it.

When you are scheduling your upcoming appointment, you should feel free to let us know if you’ve had issues with dental anxiety in the past. This will help my team and I to be prepared to take a little extra time to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. In many cases, being able to ask informed questions helps people with dental anxiety feel about the situation.

There are some people who experience dental anxiety related to a sense that the mouth is an intimate part of the body. It’s important to remember that everyone working in my office is a highly trained dental professional. Our goal is always to provide you with the highest level of oral healthcare.

Some patients find that breathing nitrous oxide helps them to relax and ease feelings of anxiety. If this is an option you would like to explore, please feel free to mention it to our hygienist at the start of your appointment. In addition, our office also provides oral sedation and IV sedation to help our patients feel calm and relaxed during their procedures. 

If you have issues with dental anxiety and would like more information on how to better cope with it, please give my Awesome Smiles Dental Center team in Haymarket, Virginia a call today at 571-261-2600. We are always happy to make your time with us comfortable and pleasant!