Dental Implants Can Help to Restore Awesome Smiles

I want all my patients to know that even if you’ve had to part with one or more of your natural teeth, we can still restore your smile and help you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Here at Awesome Smiles Dental Center, we have helped so many patients smile just as they once did through… Read more »

Would You Like a Mint?

It’s not uncommon to have a colleague or a co-worker pull out a mint and offer it to those nearby. It’s just the nice thing to do, right? Or maybe there’s another reason why the mint is being offered to you! Chronic halitosis (or bad breath) can become a key symptom associated with gum disease… Read more »

Look Like You Feel and … Smile

A recent study stated that most people older than 40 years of age feel an average of 12 years younger than they are. If you feel younger, why not look younger? Who cares what date is on your birth certificate? Being able to smile with confidence is the key to looking and feeling more youthful…. Read more »